Money in Politics: Clinton Vastly Outspent Trump…All for Nothing

While Hillary Clinton publicly campaigned against money in politics, everyone knows that her entire public life has been intrinsically tied to big money. She’s gotten where she is today because of her financial and political connections with other high-profile figures around the world.

Naturally, Hillary’s campaign was run very traditionally, with loads of money donated from the ultra-rich, and millions spent on hundreds of campaign staffers across the U.S. and attack ads.

Trump ran a much more tight campaign, spending about half of what Hillary spent. CNBC reported:

His campaign committee spent about $238.9 million through mid-October, compared with $450.6 million by Clinton’s. That equals about $859,538 spent per Trump electoral vote, versus about $1.97 million spent per Clinton electoral vote.

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Those numbers do not include spending from Oct. 20 to Election Day.

While Trump’s campaign increased its spending on television ads in its final election push, it still used the traditional outreach tool much less than Clinton’s did. As of late October, Clinton spent’s campaign spent about $141.7 million on ads, compared with $58.8 million for Trump’s campaign, according to NBC News.

That disparity extended to campaign payrolls. For example, Clinton’s campaign had about 800 people on payroll at the end of August, versus about 130 for Trump’s. Democrats often have larger ground operations than Republicans.

Trump spent about $5 for every popular vote.

Ironically, while Democrats rant about Citizens United and pretend to be outraged by all the massive amounts of corrupt money being dumped into the electoral process, Trump was actually the one who ran a campaign with relatively little money. And not only that, he had very little support from the main establishments in the country; namely, the media, the government, and even the Republican Party itself.

Hillary, on the other hand, had everything going for her – the media ignoring all her scandals and giving her positive coverage while focusing on bringing Trump down, the backing of Wall Street and the financial industry, support and millions of dollars of PAC money from Hollywood celebrities, the works. In addition, she had a campaign who was meticulous with every word Hillary said, with every tweet, with every step she took.

But the one thing they didn’t have was the support of everyday Americans.

Hillary and her family may believe that they’re above the law, but they can’t control everything. 

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