Mom Requests Halloween Cards For 4-Year-Old Undergoing Chemotherapy For Leukemia

Poor little man. What a little sweetie pie, I hope he beats this and he receives a ton of cards! Sometimes I think I have problems. Then I see a story like this. May God heal him and give him a long happy life.

And the 19-year-old who visited him to give him gifts in person gives me great hope for our youth!

If you’re interested in sending this adorable little boy a Halloween card, you can mail it to the following address:

Carter McPherson
℅ Tiffany McPherson
933 Copenhagen Way
Winter Gardens, Florida 34787

Mom Requests Halloween Cards For 4-Year-Old Undergoing Chemotherapy For Leukemia

Tiffany McPherson

Fox News:

Halloween isn’t here yet, but one Florida boy is already having a memorable holiday.

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Tiffany McPherson turned to social media this season to do something nice for her 4-year-old son Carter, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy as part of his treatment for leukemia.

“This year, we’ve just had some family issues,” the Winter Gardens mom told Fox News. “It just makes me happy to see him happy.”

In late September, McPherson said she used an app called Nextdoor, which helps people find out what’s going on their communities, as well as two local Facebook pages to ask people to send her son cards for Halloween — his favorite holiday.

“He loves the mail,” she explained, adding Carter recognizes his own name and knows when mail is addressed to him.

The mom said her son, who was diagnosed with pre–B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in February 2017, has been in remission since March 2017.

“That doesn’t really mean that it’s gone, just means that it’s contained,” she clarified.[…]

One special moment, McPherson recalled, was when a 19-year-old man studying to be an emergency room doctor was so touched by Carter’s story he came over to the house to deliver a personal gift. More

Keep up the good fight little dude. There are so many people praying for you. Kudos to his Mom. There is nothing worse in the world than having to visit a children’s cancer ward and watch the little ones fighting for their lives. It’s horribly heartbreaking, and the little kids are so strong and trying so hard just to be normal. It will forever change you. 

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