“Moderate” Muslim Nation of Turkey Seizes Christian Churches while Asking to Join the EU!

Sheer madness.

There is just no other way to describe the idea that President Barack Obama and some European leaders still support Turkey’s full-fledged entry into the EU. The widely considered most “moderate” Muslim nation in the world continues to wage war against Christianity and the West, even as they beg for our money, our aid, and our ‘friendship.’

Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has become, for all intents and purposes, a dictator, and his nation is quickly devolving into a hardline Muslim theocracy. Still, he pushes for Europe to grant his 80 million citizens carte blanche entry into any of their countries, no questions asked. This request comes even as hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants flood freely through Turkey on their way to Europe, migrants who include by the hundreds (and perhaps thousands) radical Islamic terrorists. Is the Erdogan government doing anything to stem this tide? Hardly. The Turkish government is doing as little as humanly possible to protect the world from violent Islam. Why? Because the Turkish government embraces violent Islam. Because the Turkish government is part and parcel of violent Islam.

In fact, many observers in the West have long wondered why Turkey hasn’t done more to stop ISIS. Not necessarily be directly engaging ISIS in combat, but by simply cutting off their supply lines and hindering their development and growth.

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The sad truth is that Erdogan and his cronies identify more closely with ISIS and the fascist Muslim worldview than they do with their old friends in the “Christian” West.

ErdoganMore evidence of this terrible truth reared its head this past week when the government stepped up its unholy war against Christianity. The government moved in last week and took control of all 6 Christian churches in the southeastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir. The churches seized were from a variety of Christian backgrounds that included Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox denominations, and one of the churches is over 1700 years old. The government claims that the seizures were made because the state intends to rebuild and restore the city center, which has been the center of urban conflict between the Kurdish rebels and the Turkish government over the last year. However, it seems to many that these restorations could have been made with the assistance of the local population and without the extreme measure of seizing the property for the state.

The seizures have outraged worshippers at the churches, who fear a government coup against their religion are now threatening to take legal action against the decision. 

Ahmet Guvener, pastor of Diyarbakir Protestant Church, said: “The government didn’t take over these pieces of property in order to protect them. They did so to acquire them.”

And the Diyarbakir Bar Association – which represents Christians worshipping at one of the churches, has now officially filed an appeal the government’s action.

In a statement the group said: “Among the expropriated plots, there are structures belonging to public institutions … and places of worship and residences considered as historical and cultural heritage. 

“This decision, which seems to be made by the request of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning without any reason or justification, is unacceptable within the limits of constitutional order.”

Even with these disgusting actions, persecuting the Christian minority, oppressing his own people, and failing to help in the fight against Islamic terrorism, President Obama continues to support President Erdogan and Turkey’s quest to join the EU. Even worse, President Obama also continues to push our dear ally Britain to put themselves at risk by imploring them not to leave the EU (even as the majority of Briton’s say they want to pull out).

Are Obama’s disastrous foreign policy views simply reflective of his failing liberal philosophies, are they an outgrowth of his naïve Pollyanna worldview, or are they the outworking of a man who has sold his soul to defend and support violent Islam worldwide? Whatever the truth here is, the world will be a far safer place when President Obama no longer has the power to inflict such terrible harm upon her.

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