Moderate Muslim Murders Wife for being “Western”

In Scotland a Muslim man has murdered his wife for the crime of becoming “too western.”

Ahmad Yazdanparast, 61, is described by his daughters as an emotionally abusive and practically absent father, a moody man who didn’t seem to care for anyone but himself. Now he can also be described as a convicted murderer, after a Scottish court found him guilty of the murder of his wife Ahdieh Khayatzadeh. She was only 46 years old and the loving mother of two young women.

Yazdanparast was caught on camera entering his wife’s workplace, a salon, where he would cover her in gasoline and light her on fire.

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Ms. Khayatzadeh was found alive by paramedics but with burns over 95% of her body there was not much they could do to save her.

Her daughters didn’t get much time with her in the end, less than an hour, and their goodbyes happened with their eyes closed on the advice of the medical staff. Their mother was so badly burned that the doctors worried it would traumatize the two sisters.

Killings like this are routine in the Islamic world, and are becoming more so in the West, as Muslim populations here begin to grow. Sadly, they are also generally lightly punished within Islamic culture, a trend that some observers worry will continue as they migrate to the West.

Will we Western nations choose to hold them to our standards of law, or will we allow them to continue to abuse women as if they were nothing but property?

It’s time people begin realizing that Islam dehumanizes women and being against their barbarism does not mean that we are Islamaphobic… it means that we are Islama-realistic. Islamic law and sexual attitudes have no place in Western Culture. We must stand against it.

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