“Moderate” Muslim Leader Blames Societies Problems on Women

In a very interesting (if one-sided) debate between a moderate Muslim leader and a Saudi journalist, we learn one reason why Islam is so much better for the world than any other religion or political system. It mostly has to do with women not having the same rights and privileges as men.

Apparently, most of societies’ ills stem from the fact that we “allow” women to drive cars! Who knew?


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Did you notice when the cleric’s answer to making sure women weren’t sexually assaulted was to make sure they weren’t allowed to go off on their own? Instead of dealing with the disgusting depravity in their society, the answer to sexual assault is to cage the possible victims. This actually isn’t far off from today’s Democrat Party, who would rather take our rights, free speech, the 2nd Amendment, digital privacy, privacy in general, etc… than actually deal with the people causing the problems.

Terrorism doesn’t mean American citizens should lose their privacy. Murderers using guns to commit crime doesn’t mean that law-abiding American shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun. Being offended by someone else’s speech doesn’t mean you can make us stop talking. Seriously… when did the Democrat Party start acting like Islamists?

Really, the best part of the video is watching the Saudi journalist use Margaret Thatcher and Condoleezza Rice as examples of women who destroy the Islamic perception of women as weak and feeble creatures. Weird how he didn’t mention any liberal women who caused Arab leaders to tremble, just a couple of conservatives…

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