“Moderate” Islam is Covering for the “Radicals”

Imam Malik Mujahid was interviewed on The O’Reilly Factor on January 13, 2015, and he had an interesting comment that certainly caught my attention. He said that the people that were attacked are “the enemies of Islam and Muslims…”

Before I begin, anyone that has followed my writing will note that I am not against Islam. This is the first time I have written against a Muslim cleric.

First, here is the segment with O’Reilly’s interview with Mujahid.


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In the wake of the brutal and primitive attacks in Paris, one group is planning a conference about the prophet Muhammad, which in itself is not a bad thing, but one of the Imams that was invited is closely associated with international terrorist groups. Here is my question: if the Muslims are trying to avoid their radical sects, why are they inviting a radical to a major conference? It’s like inviting a mushroom to a fruit party. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. If I were in charge I would have double-checked to make sure there wasn’t a single person being invited that had even a remote possibility that they were connected to terrorism.

islamSo, this issue raises a couple of questions. First, are the conference organizers just being sloppy about who they invite? And if they are being careful, why would they invite this guy? Frankly, I hope they were just being sloppy. If not the American Muslim hierarchy has some serious questions to answer.

Just like Mr. Obama has to answer as to why there was not a representative at the Charlie Hebdo Unity March. Benjamin Netanyahu showed up to the rally. By the way, he wasn’t invited. There was no reason for the U.S. to not be there. This would explain why France wants to leave NATO.

And this is the problem isn’t it?

These two issues are colliding to create a very dangerous world for non-Muslim westerners – like us.

The Islamic community says one thing (Islam is a religion of peace) but then turns around and does something different (invite radicals to supposedly “peaceful” conferences). At the same time our government and media seems to completely miss the severity of the problems that we are dealing with.

If the radicals hate us “for our freedom” or for our foreign policies… then why do they attack so many different nations? Even their own nations (like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and more) get attacked by these radicals.

Both our community and the “moderate” Muslim community need to start being honest with ourselves – the “radical” Muslim problem is much worse than we let on.

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