Moby Admits to Helping CIA Coup Attempt against Trump [VIDEO!]

Ever self-righteous and lying, Moby still pushed the CIA coup that used him for propaganda.

Moby’s active participation in the CIA coup plot against President Trump seems ironic since his “Extreme Ways” became the theme song for the Bourne franchise. He openly claims to know CIA agents and to have been recruited to use his social media presence to push the “Trump as Russian agent” narrative. His story would be rejected as a movie plot because it is far too unrealistic.

The fact that Leftists openly attempt to remove President Trump on fraudulent grounds and openly try to move to war with Russia on fraudulent grounds is worrisome.

Pitchfork reports, “Moby Says CIA Agents Asked Him to Spread the Word About Trump and Russia.

Moby cited “active and former CIA agents” […]. “They were like, ‘This is the Manchurian Candidate, like [Putin] has a Russian agent as the President of the United States,’” he said. “So they passed on some information to me and they said, like, ‘Look, you have more of a social media following than any of us do, can you please post some of these things […] sort of put it out there.’”

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Read the entire Pitchfork story.

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