Mob of Protesters Block Betsy DeVos From Entering D.C. Public School [VIDEO]

A mob of unruly protesters literally barred the way for new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as she tried (unsuccessfully) to enter a Washington, D.C. area public school this morning.

The disrespectful mob refused to allow her entry, blocking her path each time she tried to step around them. When DeVos turned to leave one of the protesters followed her shouting “Go Back! Shame, shame!”

Even President Obama’s Secretary of Education, the liberal Chicago educator (who has failed to improve schools at every level he’s ever been) couldn’t understand why the protesters would block DeVos.

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And the Mayor of Washington, D.C. begged the protesters to stop acting in a manner that is obviously not helpful.

The protesters held signs that said things like “We love our public schools,” and “Support ALL Students.” Has anyone ever heard DeVos or President Trump ever utter anything in opposition to either of these statements? I think not.

The truth is that DeVos has spent the last several decades of her life working to improve the education of the children in Michigan, and President Trump spoke specifically to the poor and underserved on education during the campaign. Both DeVos and Trump have spoken only of improving the education opportunities for EVERY CHILD in America, particularly those trapped in failing schools. Schools, that have been failing for years and under Democrat leadership have only gotten worse.

These “protesters” are fools. They are fools because they think showing up to upstage the Secretary of Education will help their cause. Millions of parents across the nation understand the truth, these protesters fear Betsy DeVos because she is a departure from the education status quo. How will the unions be able to rake in their millions if the Trump administration and the GOP end up supporting and encouraging school choice? How can they keep their power over poor families, if those families can use vouchers to get their children into better performing schools? How will they indoctrinate our children in the ways of big government solutions, if those kids learn first hand that the private sector does EVERYTHING (literally EVERYTHING) better than the public sector?

In fact, notable socialist Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) once said something very interesting (and very true) about the state of public education in America and the NEED for school choice.

From Warren’s book “the Two-Income Trap”:

An all-voucher or all-school choice system would be a shock to the educational system, but the shake out might be just what the system needs…But over time, the whole concept of “the Beverly Hills schools” or “Newton schools” would die out, replaced in the hierarchy by schools that offer a variety of programs that parents want for their children, regardless of the geographic boundaries. By selecting where to send their children (and where to spend their vouchers), parents would take control over schools’ tax dollars, making them the de facto owners of those schools.

That was the one and only time Elizabeth Warren was right about something…

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