Mob Intimidated Cops from Making Arrests?

The media reports on an “unauthorized cookout” or a “flash mob” that may have intimidated cops from making any arrests because of race.

It is hard to say for sure that hundreds of youths intimidated cops from doing their duty because the news stories aren’t too detailed about why the police were involved. Since the party took place in a public park, maybe the issue was that they never properly reserved the facility. But why, when the mob started throwing bottles at them, did they make no arrests?

NBC 10 reports, “Teens Throw Bottles at Philadelphia Police Officers Trying to Disperse Unauthorized Party.

What started as an unauthorized summer cookout for young people turned into violence as unruly teens threw bottles at Philadelphia Police officers trying to disperse the crowd.

Philadelphia police say the group of about 400 teens threw bottles at officers and jumped on cars Sunday night outside the Lonnie Young Recreation Center along Chelten Avenue in the city’s Germantown section.

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The story tells us about the age of the people but leaves out a detail that is evident in the video:

I understand the media does not want to feed racial stereotypes, but they always report on race if whites are involved in aggression. So why not report it in every story? Why is it OK to lend support to those who want to believe that America is filled with white supremacy but self-censor the truth because it might fit into a racist narrative? Report the facts and reason with people when they make hasty over-generalizations.

But why did the cops not try to make arrests when members of the mob threw bottles at them? Were they afraid of how it would be portrayed in the media?

If they won’t arrest those who commit violence against themselves, can we trust the police to stop violence against others?

Read the entire NBC 10 story.

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