MO Public School Pushes Transgender Propaganda

Without warning the parents, the school  gave students a survey that was based on transgender propaganda and had other problems.

Asking a sixth-graders their gender and whether they want to change genders is transgender propaganda. Yet the school “experts” will hide behind the lie that they’re “just asking questions.” They’re asking questions that make assumptions and put them into sixth graders’ minds that they didn’t know about and that a lot of parents did not want them to learn about.

Telling a person that they can change genders is an obvious lie and a denial of science.

KMOV reports, “Questions for 6th graders on drug use and sexual orientation outrage parents.

Some parents of 6th graders at Bourbon Middle School in the Crawford R-1 School District are upset over a survey that students took on Thursday.

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Parent Shane Burns told News 4, “It’s inappropriate subject matter for sixth graders to be answering questions on themselves.”

The Missouri Department of Mental Health’s Missouri Student Survey is also known as the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Survey. It includes questions about substance abuse, mental health, bullying, suicidal behavior and this year’s survey includes questions on sexual orientation.

“The most inappropriate one was if they were transgender or thought about changing genders. My daughter, I mean she just doesn’t understand that,” said Samantha Overkramer, parent of a 6th grader.

This is happening all over the country. The government and courts are using the delusion of transgender identity to interpret sane notions about gender as an act of aggression against transgender person and justify imposing transgender propaganda on schools in violation of the First Amendment’s protection of religion and speech.

Read the full story and watch the news video.

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