MLK Day Posturing Is Dem Strategy

Why do they think that grandstanding on MLK day will bring them political victory?

For MLK day, Pelosi has announced “teach-ins.” If the Democrats had any sense at all they’d pick something on the Trump agenda, such as infrastructure stimulus, where they could help the President against conservative Republicans who favor cutting spending. Instead, they’re doubling down on their moral superiority and raising taxes.

The Washington Times reports, “Dems plan MLK holiday ‘teach-ins’ to rally against Trump.

Congressional Democrats will hold a series of “teach-ins” to celebrate the Martin Luther King holiday, hoping to rally Americans to their agenda as they seek to regain their legislative footing.


As for the Jan. 13 teach-ins, she said the goal will be to rally opposition to the tax overhaul, which she and fellow Democrats have labeled the “GOP tax scam.”

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Then, there’s this editorial by Peter Loge in The Hill, “Democrats should bring us together and revive our faith in civil religion,” which begins:

Democrats can win elections and bring Americans together by preaching our civil religion. As someone who has spent a career in politics, I have two concerns about President Trump. The first concern is about policies he is pursuing, such as the recent tax bill and the ongoing efforts to gut the Affordable Care Act, for example. Such policy disagreements are normal and healthy. If there isn’t disagreement over policy, either the policy doesn’t matter or someone isn’t doing their job.

My deeper concern is over the assault on democratic norms promoted directly and indirectly by this administration. Attacks on the press, bogus claims about voter fraud, publicly questioning the integrity of the courts, and more threaten the very system that allows meaningful policy disagreement to begin with.

So that’s all they can say: Trump is the devil and threatens the nation. Big talk for people who’ve done nothing but use bureaucrats and the media to manufacture a Russian conspiracy to depose an elected President.

Read the entire Washington Times story.

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