Mitt Romney would be “Proud” to Support any GOP Candidate Not Named Trump!

In the wake of his aggressively anti-Trump speech this past week, Mitt Romney faced a barrage of attacks from all comers. Donald Trump and his supporters let loose with a torrent of anti-Mitt hate, including some very vulgar comments from Mr. Trump himself. And other opponents of Trump’s candidacy also seemed none too pleased by Romney’s comments because they seemed only to fuel Trump’s campaign. However, after a wild weekend and five more primary states, some are wondering if perhaps Mitt Romney’s direct assault on Donald Trump actually helped more than hurt the anti-Trump effort.

In a wild weekend that saw Kansas, Maine, Louisiana, Kentucky and Puerto Rico all vote for their nominee and then saw Ted Cruz win the lion’s share of delegates, one wonders if perhaps Romney’s comments did actually hurt Trump.

That seems to be Romney’s take on the situation. During an interview with Chuck Todd on Sunday, the former GOP presidential candidate argued as much while also saying he would be proud to support any of the other GOP candidates in the race. Speaking of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich Romney told Todd, “There’s some differences on policy or on tactics to implement policy, but I’d be very proud having any one of them at the top of the ticket… Any one of those three is a real Republican. They’ve demonstrated over time that they share conservative values. There’s some differences on policy or on tactics to implement policy, but I’d be very proud having any one of them at the top of the ticket. Donald Trump on the other hand is someone who represents something entirely different. And in my view, is not at all the real deal. This is a guy who pretends to be one thing and is something else entirely.”

Romney also told Todd that he was sure that his anti-Trump speech played a role in Trump’s bad week in the primaries.

I think it had a big impact. I think a lot of people were surprised by how well Ted Cruz did. He got more delegates than Donald Trump last night. He was ebullient and enthusiastic, Donald Trump was uncharacteristically low energy last night.

I think [Trump] was really surprised. This is a campaign that doesn’t begin to be over. It’s broken all the rules of history so far and I have a feeling it’s going it break a few more rules before we finish.”

On Fox News SUNDAY with Chris Wallace, Romney continued with this theme of supporting the ‘anyone but Trump’ candidate.

In terms of my own plans, I anticipate supporting one of the three, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich as our nominee. If they don’t become the nominee, then I’m probably going to go to the voting booth and find someone else who’s running as a conservative or perhaps just write in the name of someone I believe should become the president of the United States, who I could be proud of and who I believe is interested in balancing the budget, keeping America safe with a strong military, and is not willing to disparage fellow Americans, Mexican-Americans, Muslims, and so forth.

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