Mitt Romney Can See the Future

Let me admit to something right from the start – I am not a Mitt Romney fan. I don’t think he’s a conservative, and I don’t think he has the principles to stand and fight for the things that I believe. I believe that Mitt Romney is almost as big of a RINO as John McCain or Lindsey Graham… and I don’t like them either.

That being said… he was a much better option than Barack Obama as President of the United States.

What’s truly amazing is just how prescient Romney was during the 2008 campaign.

He was laughed at when he called Russia our biggest geopolitical foe…

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He was derided when he said many would lose their insurance under Obamacare…

He was ignored when he said Obamacare would push through his agenda without working with Congress…

He was unheeded when he said that our economy would continue to falter and that it would weaken us internationally…

But these aren’t the only issues he was 100% right on – he also told us exactly what would happen in Iraq. Listen to this segment of a speech he gave in 2007 and tell me it’s not freaky.

Now, after listening to that, you might think that Mitt Romney had a fortune teller working for him… but in truth, Obama should have been able to see the same exact things.

Lawmakers from both parties and even some non-partisan analysts say the Obama administration should have better anticipated the rise of Sunni militants, who captured Iraq’s second-largest city last week and could pose a terrorism threat both within and outside the country’s borders.

“It was very clear to people how bad these guys are,” Michael Leiter, a former top counterterrorism official in both the Bush and Obama administrations, said in an interview. “I don’t know if this was a tactical error or an intelligence error.”

President Obama should have known that this was exactly what would happen if he pursued the policies he did. Everyone else, with more than two brain cells to rub together… already knew.

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