Millennials Support Communism

Worse, many millennials support Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, and Kin Jong Un as “heroes.”

Why do millennials support communism in such large numbers? Some try to evade the force of the bad news by pointing out that young people don’t know the proper definition of communism. But the fact that many also consider communist dictators to be heroic, leaves me pretty hopeless for them.

Half of millennials say they would prefer to live in a socialist country to a capitalist one.

MarketWatch reports, “Millennials: Communism sounds pretty chill.

According to the latest survey from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a D.C.-based nonprofit, one in two U.S. millennials say they would rather live in a socialist or communist country than a capitalist democracy.

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What’s more, 22% of them have a favorable view of Karl Marx and a surprising number see Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong Un as “heroes.”

Really, that’s what the numbers show.

“Millennials now make up the largest generation in America, and we’re seeing some deeply worrisome trends,” said Marion Smith, executive director of the organization. “Millennials are increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism and even communism as a viable alternative.”

Read the entire MarketWatch story.

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