Millennial Students Roast Trump For ‘Racist Joke…’ But There’s One Huge Problem

Hillary Clinton laughed at a white interviewer for confusing two prominent black Democrats Senator Cory Booker and former Attorney General Eric Holder and then quipped, “I know they all look alike.” 

So, as far as a racist comment goes Hillary’s fits the bill. I would beg the question asking why is this getting a pass from the MSM?

These millennial students roast President Donald Trump for a racist comment… But then find out it was Hillary Clinton who said it.



The DC’s Stephanie Hamill visited a college campus in Washington, D.C.,to find out how students felt about Hillary Clinton’s recent “they all look alike” comment.

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During a recent conference, Clinton joked about how “they all look alike” after the interviewer mixed up Sen. Cory Booker and former Attorney General Eric Holder, who are both prominent black Democrats.

Could you imagine the outrage if a comment like this was made by President Trump or any other Republican politician?

Hamill pulled the old bait and switch on the students to see what they really think about a politician saying, “They all look alike,” when referring to black politicians.

After the students roasted President Trump because they thought he said it, they couldn’t give Clinton a pass. A racist joke is a racist joke. More

Unfortunately, most young people are just as clueless as the ones in this video and they get to vote. It just shows that most millennials don’t watch the news, or read it. They just go along with the liberal agendas of their professors and just believe whatever they are told!

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