Military Kills Terrorist Leader in Pakistan!

Score another victory for the USA in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism!

On Saturday the U.S. military, using an unmanned drone, killed Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansoor while he travelled in a remote part of Pakistan. Mansoor had been leading the Taliban since the death of their last leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, last year. Mansoor’s death has now been confirmed by both the US Defense Department official as well as by a senior Taliban commander.

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Earlier Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook had admitted that the U.S. was targeting Mansoor, but could not confirm if an attack had been successful. Instead Cook told the media that Mansoor was “actively involved with planning attacks against facilities in Kabul and across Afghanistan.”

Mansoor’s death will mean changes at the top of the Taliban leadership structure, and that change could actually be bad news for U.S. and anti-extremist forces in Afghanistan (and Pakistan). The reason for this cautious note of pessimism is that one of Mansoor’s highest ranking deputies is Sirajuddin Haqqani, who also happens to lead the infamous Haqqani Network, which to this point has been friendly but not completely partnered with the Taliban. If Haqqani were to assume command of both organizations, the US and our allies could see a new and even more deadly foe in Afghanistan.

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