Military Expert says the Obama Administration is “Pressuring the Army to Whitewash” the Bowe Bergdahl Swap

In a heated exchange on Fox News’ Hannity show, Lt. Col Ralph Peters (whose been getting a lot of airtime on Fox News in recent days) explained how the Obama White House was pressuring the Army to whitewash the Bowe Bergdahl fiasco.

His comments came after Sean Hannity had played some video of Bergdahl’s former platoon mates demanding that he be brought up on charges for desertion. It also followed several tense moments between Hannity and Peters when Hannity suggested that Bergdahl had PTSD and that is what had pushed him to desert.


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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: What we have here is very, very clear, it’s damnably clear that the White House which doesn’t understand why this is a big deal. I mean, he just deserted, right? Wouldn’t anybody do that? And they just want to protect the president. And they are pressuring the Army, pressuring the Army to whitewash this. And they don’t understand that for the military, those who went before, retirees like me, those on active duty, this is a powerful matter, as you heard from the young soldier, of precedent and principle. 

Obama_BergdahlIf you let Bergdahl walk — it’s not about this pathetic little creep, Bergdahl, it’s about the principle — if you let him walk with full pay and benefits and a promotion despite overwhelming evidence that he deserted his post in wartime, you make it virtually impossible to prosecute future deserters. Now, in the Army, I’m sure — the Army’s not perfect. You’ve got some people craven enough and ambitious enough to save to the White House, and I’m sure they are arguing the White House’s point, but so far you’ve got some generals that are showing backbone and saying, no, for the good of the Army, for the good of the military, he has to go through the Article 32 and into court-martial. And the White House is fighting it tooth and nail because they don’t give a damn about our military, they just care about this pathetic puss in boots president’s reputation.


Given the totality of the evidence and all of the information that has come to light in recent months, it’s hard to disagree with the Lt. Col. The Obama administration miscalculated the public’s reaction to the trade for Bergdahl, then they miscalculated how angry Americans would be when they learned that Bergdahl had likely deserted. Finally, the Obama administration miscalculated how important it is to military morale that the rules be followed by EVERYONE… even the President of the United States. The administration seemed to think that the Army would happily sweep the Bergdahl situation under the rug, not realizing that the military would be so passionately against such a move.

With all of those miscalculations, this literally became a perfect storm of ineptitude. So now the only thing the White House can do is try to whitewash the entire mess — and that is proving difficult to do without the full cooperation of the US Army.

Here’s hoping that our military leaders continue to show backbone and demand that Bergdahl be treated just like everyone else.

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