Mike Pompeo’s Vacant Seat Election Results NOT What the Democrats Wanted

Undressing the News

Along with all the many positives that President Trump has managed, his correct condemnation of what has been masquerading as truthful news should head the list.  His stark term “fake news” accurately defines the nonsense that has affected public thinking for too long.

Along with this fakery element is the omission factor.  What qualifies for public knowledge is often not as critical as what is deep-sixed!  A perfect example of this just occurred.

Leading into the special Kansas Congressional election, a vacancy caused when President Trump picked Rep. Pompeo to head the CIA, headlines and airwaves were filled with accounts of a democrat win.  This style of “news” was at best, premature but hardly worthy of its overblown coverage.

As usual, the following day’s results were barely mentioned.  Contrary to the hopes and dreams of the still smarting liberal/progressive set, what the Wall Street Journal headlined as “an Early test for GOP” only re-opened the Hillary wounds of disappointment and frustration as the democrat challenger came in second.  This despite the WSJ’s opening which heralded the contest as being “a surprisingly competitive election.”

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And on a much larger scale, one which has entertained national headlines since our President’s inauguration; it is reported that yes, the Obama administration obtained a FISA warrant for the surveilling of a Mr. Carter Page.  Similar to the Kansas election results, this blockbuster only appeared on the pages of the Washington Post.

What stands out is that so many ignore the obvious.  Many news reports have detailed the so-called “deep state” which Obama has created.  It’s been estimated that well over 30,000 Obama devotees are primed and waiting to obstruct the efforts of the new administration.

While this carries many of the unwanted attributes of a banana republic and certainly breaks with the long observed tradition of a quiet Washington exit prior to one’s retreat into the sunset, this obstructionist factor generated some support from the disgruntled.

So how is one example of tomfoolery so well received while the other case involving surveillance is vehemently discounted?  How can America’s devoutly unhappy be at ease with such ignorance?  On the one hand, Obama has set up a hidden obstructionist force and yet how can anyone think that he would spy on his political nemesis?  Has today’s media actually replaced informing the public with a devilish brand of indoctrination?

Given this panorama of disappointment and anger, along with its constant stoking by our “free press,” our news has become the agitator, the instigator of discord and worse.  However, just like all side line shooters, they have lacked any blowback, that is until our President’s “fake news” charge!

So, what has taken place is to be expected.  The slightest miscues will be elevated into felonious deeds.  This Sean Spicer flap is a perfect example.

Who didn’t understand when Mr. Spicer referenced Hitler’s lack of using chemical weapons only concerned the battlefield?  Since he didn’t include the limiting word “battlefield,” the media presented their version as being insensitive to the gas employed during the Holocaust.  This is an attempt to pressure a very able and qualified press secretary into resigning and with this, the media is instigating for a louder public demand for his dismissal.

In accordance with this effort, mainstream elites quoted the always irrelevant Rep. Pelosi’s demand that Spicer “should be fired.”  Why?  Because he is a no-nonsense press secretary.  In their grand scheme, the obstructionist operates within a “free fire zone.” Spicer is just viewed as another notch in their belt, an affirmation to their agenda and of course, and another hitch to President Trump’s “get along.”

The Bible cites a time or a season for everything.  This may be the time for reassessing our inherent priority of country first.  We need to prioritize our country over any political ideology.  What works is what’s beneficial to both the American people and to our country.

Is America’s future to be the dumping ground for all of the world’s exiles?  I hardly think this is what our Founders had in mind.  Their original design has produced a more than worthy affirmation of their intentions and has therefore proven the value and worth of our Constitutional Republic.

We cannot continue to be led around by this emotional wrangling which our media fashions as newsbytes.   To defile the results of a free election is self defeating and childish.  But worse, to instigate this brand of turmoil touches upon treason.  In the meantime, and contrary to liberal editorial pundits, President Trump’s “wiretapping” charges were once again validated.  Spread the word.

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