Mike Lee (R-UT) Defends Ted Cruz (R-TX) On the Omnibus Spending Bill

The establishment in both parties has been attacking Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) for their part in forcing debate over the omnibus spending bill this past weekend. The attacks have been unfair and harsh, and Senator Lee took to Fox News on Tuesday to defend their move and to explain what really happened this past weekend.

When we are being asked to fund a $4 trillion government it’s not too much to ask senators to work through the weekend rather than recessing 72 hours before getting back to their job. As an outgoing senate majority leader, it would have been political malpractice for Senator Reid to adjourn without getting the president’s nominees confirmed. Not one person will be confirmed who would not have been otherwise confirmed simply because the Senate spent a few extra days debating a 1,600 page $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill:


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Here is the explanation that Lee gave a couple of days ago on Fox News with Shannon Bream.


I had a chance to discuss yesterday’s vote on the #CRomnibus with Shannon Bream earlier today. I think the American people deserved to have us take a vote to signal how we feel about the president’s executive amnesty. I hope there will be other votes moving forward in which we will have the opportunity to exercise the power of the legislative branch to signal our disapproval of what the president did.


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