Mike Huckabee Shines on Twitter during the Democrat Debate

Former Arkansas Governor and current GOP candidate for President, Mike Huckabee, put on quite a show for those of us forced to pay attention to the Democrat debates on Tuesday night.

The genial conservative decided to live tweet the debate, and boy did he put on a show.

There were a lot of great commentary online, but Huckabee consistently delivered zinger after zinger and I thought you’d like to see some of his fine work for yourself.

This may have been the best shot of the night…

In the moments just before the debate Huckabee predicted that Hillary would demonstrate her “high level of intelligence”…


He also took more than a few swings at Hillary’s “hard choices.”

The Governor wasn’t buying much of what Hillary was trying to sell. He noticed that for most of the debate she was either lying, being hypocritical or crowing about things she should probably be hiding.

Speaking of Bernie Sanders, Governor Huckabee didn’t just aim his fire at Hillary Clinton, he also took shots at the other Democrat candidates as well.

And he may have saved his best one-liners for the Socialist from Vermont.

Count Governor Huckabee as one of those logical Americans who simply cannot understand how Democrats could possibly believe that global warming is a greater immediate concern than the rise of Islamic terrorism.

Governor Huckabee also waded into the racism debate that the Democrats attempted to comment on but couldn’t quite seem to understand.

Huckabee then got to the heart of the matter on race:

Amen, Governor.

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