Is Mike Huckabee Preparing for a BIG Announcement?

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee may well be planning a return to Presidential politics. The Fox News host and longtime darling of the religious right seems to be mulling over the idea of running for President in 2016. Huckabee would most likely be the favorite of a large portion of the Republican base; the religious social conservatives who have been yearning for a President in the mold of Huckabee would most assuredly be energized. However, he would likely NOT be the favorite among establishment Republicans and other fiscal conservatives because of his “populist” economic policies.

But he’s still thinking about it

Huckabee’s newly formed non-profit advocacy group, America Takes Action, has begun to serve as an employment perch for his political team, recently bringing on a number of experienced campaign operatives.

Advisers are already scouting real estate in Little Rock, Ark., for a possible presidential campaign headquarters.

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Huckabee is scheduled to spend part of November holding private meetings with powerful GOP financiers in Las Vegas, New York, and California, gauging their interest in being bundlers for his possible campaign and asking for pledges of five-to six-figure donations to his aligned organizations. And he is planning two strategy sessions in December, in Little Rock and Destin, Fla., near his new Gulf Coast home, to discuss timing, potential staffing, and an opening pitch to voters.

HuckabeeIn January, Huckabee will publish “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy,” his latest manifesto on politics and culture…

Huckabee’s “heart is into it,” his daughter and political confidant Sarah Huckabee told The Washington Post in an interview Tuesday. “He is personally engaged and more aggressive in taking on meetings. He can’t wait to get back to South Carolina and Iowa.”

Governor Huckabee would certainly be a way to energize and unite the base on a Presidential ticket. Also, he could not be any worse than John McCain or Mitt Romney as a candidate. Neither of those men could unite the Party behind them, but perhaps Huckabee could? The polling seems to suggest that possibility…

A startling moment for Huckabee came when he reviewed polling of GOP voters in Iowa and South Carolina. The surveys, commissioned by allies, showed him running ahead of other possible GOP candidates by double digits, Huckabee said Tuesday.

“There were polls done that surprised me and got my attention — and led my friends to urge me to think of this again,” he said.

While I appreciate Governor Huckabee’s service to our nation (and his brotherhood as a fellow believer in Jesus Christ), I personally have a list of about ten candidates I’d rather see win the nomination. (Not that my opinion matters.) He is a social conservative, which speaks to many of our fellow conservative voters. However, economically speaking, he’s not the kind of “cut waste, cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulations” conservative that many of us are hoping to find in our next President. I won’t play down his election chances – because I don’t think that our choice should be about electability (look how that has worked for us the last two cycles)… but I would ask Huckabee supporters to at least consider other options at President.

Men like Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Rick Perry and others are all social conservatives as well, but have a better record when it comes to fiscal policy. That’s all I’ll say about it for now… but exciting news – looks like Mike Huckabee may be in for the fight.



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