Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush are WRONG about the Common Core

Liberals knew that if they could capture the schools, they would have future generations of people agreeing with them on almost everything. And they’ve done this by making us pay for the rope they’re hanging us with.

They sold parents on the premise that public education is “free.” In reality, it has been very costly, not only in monetary value but in ideological devaluation of nearly everything that has made the United States great.

Mike Huckabee does not seem to understand this.

[F]ormer Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) called on conservatives to ‘stop the fight’ over the Common Core standards and, instead, consider the positive effects the nationalized standards might have on students in poor-performing schools.

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Jeb Bush has a similar love for Common Core. George Will comments, “It is not about the content of the standards, which would be objectionable even if written by Aristotle and refined by Shakespeare. Rather, the point is that, unless stopped now, the federal government will not stop short of finding in Common Core a pretext for becoming a national school board.”

Every school my wife and I have taught in (including homeschooling and classical schools) has had standards from pre-school to senior high. Every successful school has standards. Figuring out what those standards are is not difficult.

How did our nation turn out some of the best minds history has ever known without the need of a federal department of education?
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