Middle School Apologizes for Forcing Boy to Turn Republican Shirt Inside Out

This time a middle school in Florida forced a boy to turn his Republican elephant shirt inside out violating his free speech.

Another school has been caught violating a student’s free political speech, this time it is a school in Florida that forced a boy to turn his Republican elephant shirt inside out.

Isn’t it funny how you never hear of any schools telling kids to get rid of shirts or hats that carry a liberal message?

The story comes from a Florida mother who said that officials at Kirby-Smith Middle School in Jacksonville, Florida, told her son he was not allowed to wear a t-shirt emblazoned with the red, white, and blue Republican elephant logo on it.

The boy wore the shirt for the school’s “nerd day” during spirit week, his mother said.

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“It was Nerd Day, so he wanted to be a Republican nerd,” she said Oct. 12, according to News 4 Jacksonville.

The boy was told he broke the school’s dress code rules.


She said when he came home and said he was told to turn the shirt inside out, she wanted to know what rule he had violated by wearing it.

The answer, it turned out, was that he hadn’t broken any rule.

The student dress code states in part, “Students may not wear any clothing or display any items which are obscene, profane, suggestive or derogatory to others.”

The mother pointed out that a political party logo does not fall under any of those categories.

Duval County Public School administrators agreed, saying the shirt was not a violation of the student dress code.

As it turned out, the dress code did not prohibit political-themed clothing.

The school ultimately apologized for demanding that the boy get rid of his Republican logo shit.

But the school also offered the following timeline for the incident:

  • The student never received a dress code violation for his shirt.
  • The student and a staff member had a discussion about the shirt on Wednesday. The staff member was seeking clarification about the student dress code violation versus dress code guidelines for staff which are different.
  • During the conversation with the student, the staff member suggested the student turn his shirt inside out. However, the staff member is not aware of the student turning the shirt inside out at that time and did not at any time pursue the matter.

With the released timeline, the school was apparently trying to offer itself some absolution by noting that the staffer did not “pursue the matter.”

But the fact that the staffer immediately assumed that a Republican shirt violated rules is pretty much all we need to know.

Like I said, isn’t it amazing that no kid is ever told to get rid of a liberal shirt?

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