Is The Middle East Conflict our Fight too?

The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas has reignited with a vengeance. 88 people have been killed (all Palestinian) and 18 of those deaths are children. Israel has been launching airstrikes and rockets to hit Hamas hard in Gaza.

Has Israel taken things too far?

The answer is a matter of opinion. Hamas has been hitting Israel with rockets for several days now (I was unable to find an Israeli casualty figure during my research, please contribute in the comments). The fact of the matter is simple; this is not a war that will ever end peacefully. The Jews have been fighting in the Middle East for millennia. I know the fighting will never stop, which is a horrible truth. That being said, I do not think Israel has gone too far. Hamas is a terrorist organization, and Israel (if we are going to avoid a double standard) has a right to defend itself. RT (Russia Today) is one of my daily news sources and they have been pounding Israel for its maneuvers. Operation Protective Edge, despite it being a use of extreme force, is justifiable because Israel is defending its own borders and civilians.

israelpalestineShould the United States get involved in Operation Protective Edge? Why or why not?

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America is already involved in supplying Israel. We should not go in with our own aircraft and especially our troops. I fully support Israel, but this is their conflict, not ours. America cannot afford to get involved in an Israeli conflict that will never end. Israel has F-15I aircraft, a variation of the legendary F-15E Strike Eagle. They have the aerial capability to take down Hamas on their own, and the IDF is the best ground force in that region. My reasoning behind this is Israel’s superior military, and America needs to decide what to do in Ukraine and how to deal with ISIS first. Ukraine needs to be prioritized because Russia is a nuclear superpower, and we also need to address Kiev’s actions, as well as the Ukrainians destroying Soviet WW2 monuments and then glorifying fascism instead. Why we need to deal with ISIS is self-explanatory.

Is there a positive outlook?

Frankly, I wish I could say I see one. I do not believe there is. Israel is readying for a ground attack (source: Times of Israel, citing a senior IDF official). Hamas has said it will decide how and when the war will end, which I do not think will ever end. The best solution I see is a long term armistice that unites Israel and Hamas against ISIS.

Is ISIS/ISIL a threat to Israel because of this conflict?

It depends on America’s actions to defend Israel, that is, if Israel is severely weakened (which is unlikely). Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East, and it is not far from the most powerful terror organization in the world. To be honest, America needs to bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age before they do anymore damage. Glenn Beck was spot on when he predicted the rise of a Muslim caliphate because of the Arab Spring. ISIS is a potential threat, let us all hope it never is a threat to God’s Chosen Ones, Israel.

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