The Michigan Candidate for Governor Signed his Staff up for Non-Obamacare Plans – while Supporting Obamacare for Everyone Else!

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI) is in a tough reelection battle with Democrat Mark Schauer. The Democrat and his liberal allies have worked hard to try to steal this election away from the Governor who has helped return Michigan to economic stability. Their Democrat operatives with the labor unions and special interest groups have poured millions of dollars into Schauer’s campaign coffers in the hopes of turning the tide against the Governor.

It’s worked, kind of.

Snyder’s popularity is slipping, but the appreciation of his policies are not…

By 49 percent to 35 percent, voters surveyed approve of Snyder’s handling of Detroit bankruptcy issues, which culminated with a $195 million state contribution to help reduce cuts for pensioners and protect city-owned art from a fire sale. In Oakland, Macomb and suburban Wayne County, support for the governor’s bankruptcy performance grows to 61 percent who approve and 28 percent who disapprove.

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In Detroit, 35 percent of those surveyed said they approve of Snyder authorizing the bankruptcy and his handling of the historic Chapter 9 case reorganizing their city government.

rick snyderAbout 68 percent said Detroit will be better off after the city emerges from bankruptcy, while 8 percent said things won’t get better. Although it’s a small sample, 85 percent of Detroiters surveyed said they believe life will improve in the Motor City after bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy judge said Monday he will announce his decision on the city’s recovery plan Nov. 7.

Optimism about Detroit’s future is above 63 percent across all partisan groups.

“If you had asked this question a year ago to anybody, who would have ever thought that optimism about Detroit would have unified Michigan?” Czuba said. “It’s an extraordinary story that Michiganders have once again united behind their largest city.”


Facing an uphill battle, the Schauer campaign doesn’t need any slip-ups… but it looks like the slip-up may have already happened. The Daily Caller is reporting that the Democrat candidate who has long been a vocal supporter of Obamacare registered his campaign support staff for “non-Obamacare” health care plans!

Democratic Michigan gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer registered his gubernatorial campaign staff for non-Obamacare health care plans, The Daily Caller has learned.

Schauer registered his staff’s plans through the Small Business Association of Michigan, not through Obamacare plans.

Schauer voted for Obamacare as a U.S. congressman. The Democrat currently trails Republican incumbent Gov. Rick Snyder by about five and a half points.

If Schauer’s campaign isn’t dead already, this betrayal should spell the end for him. This hypocrisy runs way too deep.

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