Michael Savage: ‘God is not Dead, Man is Dead to God’

Breitbart News Daily’s SiriusXM host Alex Marlow interviewed author and radio host Michael Savage, to speak about his new book God, Faith, and Reason

Savage discussed the title of the book, explaining that many people will walk right past it simply because it has the name “God” in the title.  He said people walk by and say, “‘Ah, who wants to hear that preachy, sanctimonious stuff?”

He continued,  “That’s the immediate reaction in a nation as devoid of any faith as you could ever imagine. That’s where we’re at today. I mean, Rome was probably more faithful than this country is right now, at least from the media point of view.”

“And yet, there’s a hard core of people who have never forgotten that this whole thing didn’t begin on its own out of nowhere, that there must be more to it all,” he said.

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Savage noted that Albert Einstein was used as an icon of supreme atheist reason by the Sixties counterculture, but Einstein himself said that “as he got older, the more that he probed the perimeters of the universe, the more he was sure there was a Creator, a grand Creator – it could not happen by accident.”

“That seems to be left out of every discussion of one of the greatest minds of all time,” Savage added, “Now, having said that, I’m just one of the many billions who has arrived on this planet and have asked the universal questions. My odyssey God, Faith, and Reason goes back to me as a little boy in the streets of the Bronx, all the way up to now.”

Savage said his book is filled with stories, anecdotes, and observations of varying length, such as the tale of a hard-edged Jewish gangster who survived eight gunshot wounds, went to prison a broken man and picked himself up by realizing that God had saved his life. He drew inspiration from this story to declare that everyone comes to a moment in their lives when they “realize they need something more than themselves.”

When Marlow observed that terrible events like the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal blazing through Hollywood make this the perfect time to release a book about restoring America’s faith, Savage exclaimed, “Weinstein and Charlie Rose, where is this going to end?”

“All of the sanctimonious people like Charlie Rose. How much more sanctimonious can you get than Charlie Rose?” Savage continued, “I mean, you could expect it from Weinstein, a dirtbag producer from Hollywood, but would you ever have expected Mr. Peepers, the deacon of the liberal intellectual church, would have run around naked out of the shower?”

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