Michael Reagan tells Donald Trump to Stop Using His Dad’s Name in His Campaign


Michael Reagan is not happy with Donald Trump’s continued use of his father’ name, especially when Trump is preaching ideas that Reagan stood solidly against. Mr. Trump has learned that invoking President Reagan’s name is the quickest route to earning cheers… even when he follows it up with plans and arguments that President Reagan would frown upon.

The younger Reagan appeared on NewsMax TV with conservative host J.D. Hayworth to defend his father’s legacy.

Here’s what Reagan had to say:

“If my dad were alive, what he’d be saying is this: ‘Well, there they go.’ It’s amazing how many of these people, including Donald Trump now, dropping my father’s name to try and wrap them in the mantle of Ronald Reagan. Let’s be honest, never going to happen with Donald Trump.”

“These people looking to wrap themselves in the mantle of Ronald Reagan are doing a disservice to themselves and a disservice to my father,” he said. “Wrap yourself in your own mantle, tell us who you are.”

“I don’t like and I don’t appreciate the things he says about Jeb Bush, or what he says about Gov. Perry or anybody else,” he continued. “I want to hear what he’s going to do and when he tells us what he’s going to do, I can be for or against it.”

Reagan pointed to Trump’s proposal to rewrite the 14th Amendment as an example of something his father would have frowned upon. “That is never going to happen … There’s not a court in the land that’s going to overturn and step on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution with having to do with birthright in this country.”

“I know there’s people who say ‘oh, if we just get the illegals out, if we just get that birthright away, that somehow things are going to be better in America,’” he added. “That’s not true. The problem in America is basically Americans.”

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