Michael Moore’s Strategy to ‘Bring Down a Sitting President’ [VIDEO]

Right after Trump won the election, Michael Moore did the rounds on TV and radio, talking about his strategy to resist the new President. He mentioned staging mass protests, using the legal system to resist every one of his orders and actions, and get more Democrats elected to the House and Senate so they can once again have the majority.

On Lawrence O’Donnell’s show The Last Word, the 63-year-old filmmaker talked about another way to bring down Trump. And that’s with what he called an ‘army of satire.’

Michael Moore’s making his Broadway debut this summer, doing an act called ‘The Terms of My Surrender,’ which as he described would be “a very developed piece of entertainment for people who like to think.” It starts in July, will run 8 times a week for 12 weeks.

The New York Times stated that Moore characterized it as “entertaining and infuriating — not stand-up comedy, not a TED Talk, not a rally.”

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“The final thing that I have pushed is we need an army of satire,” Moore said on The Last Word. “We need everybody to use their sense of humor and their comedy to bring him down. Because his skin is so thin, he gets so upset at, you know, all Melissa McCarthy has to do is keep appearing and Alec Baldwin on SNL and, you know, basically, I and others, we formed this larger group of discombobulating him with humor, ridicule, satire — we want him up at three in the morning tweeting. The more he is doing that, that’s the less he is doing to hurt the country.”

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