The Michael Brown Case and the Conservative “Problem”

I cannot tell you the amount of email I’ve received in recent days complaining about our coverage of the Michael Brown shooting. As usual, it runs in the same vein that all of our “hate mail’ does – we are racists for even attempting to slow the tsunami of rage that is hurtling towards Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson.

The argument reminds me that when we stand against the gay agenda we are called homophobes. When we stand against abortion we are waging a “war on women.” When we stand against illegal immigration the left calls us racists (just like with the Brown shooting). When we stand against the welfare state, rising tax burdens and fraudulent waste of taxpayer dollars, we are anti-poor.

In fact, what I’ve learned since I started answering the mail for Eagle Rising is that most liberal arguments are not arguments at all… they are just opportunities for liberals to call us mean names.

Let me respond to our Ferguson, Missouri critics.

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fergusonI don’t know if Officer Wilson is a murderer or not. If he shot Michael Brown in cold blood and without having a very good reason… I wholeheartedly believe he should receive the stiffest penalty the state of Missouri can give him.

However, I am not going to jump on the macabre bandwagon and demand his arrest and trial this very instant, because there is simply too much uncertainty in the story right now. There are conflicting witness testimonies, the closest eye-witness has already proven to be “problematic,” Brown had just robbed a convenience store and some of the evidence that has come out seems to corroborate the officer’s side of the story.

The point is that there is too much we don’t know. How can we make a decision either way at this point? The people, who have already decided what happened, are doing a disservice to justice. Justice demands the truth – not what we hope or desire the truth to be.

On the other issues; homosexuality, abortion, illegal immigration, etc….

We’ve already had these arguments time and again. I’m not going to convince our critics that we’re not (and I’m not) the things they say we are. All I can say is that I am not a racist, I am not a homophobe, I am not anti-women’s rights, I am not anti-poor people. I believe the things I believe for many reasons that have more to do with economic prosperity, personal freedom, and the rights of the individual than they have to do with moral constructs like racism, feminism, and homophobia.

Sadly, liberals will keep arguing with name-calling because using facts is just too hard. It’s okay, I guess, because when they come with the ad hominems I know that it means I’ve already won. When they can’t generate a fact-based argument, name-calling is all they have.

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