Michael Bloomberg Decides NOT to Run for All the Wrong Reasons



Mike Bloomberg will not run for President because he does not want to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances. I thought he was a pretend Republican. Now he’s backing a corrupt Democrat.


And he is backing the Democrat hierarchy dating back to Obama’s failed presidency.


I never liked Bloomberg. I’m a Jew. He’s a Jew. I can vote against my own religion unlike the blacks who vote in mass for Obama.


Bloomberg ridiculously states that Trump “has run the most divisive and demagogic presidential campaign I can remember.”


Has he forgotten Hillary’s predecessor?  Has he forgotten that Obama caused hate between Republicans and Democrats and exacerbated division between the races, causing riots in Ferguson, killings in Baltimore and hatred between cops and blacks?


Obama pretends that he wants to improve black lifestyles but he has caused them to be on the downslide, stuck to food stamps and poverty.


I have gotten into some arguments with blacks who assumed that I was a bigot just because I was white.  Before prejudiced Obama, this would have never happened. Obama has returned us to Selma.


Bloomberg, your generosity towards not running for President is actually the stupidity of a man who like Obama does not know the consequences of his minor thoughts.


Bloomberg is a little man with little thoughts.  He is smaller than Trump’s hands.

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