Mexican Comedian Explains Why Illegal Immigration Must be Stopped!

Comedian Paul Rodriguez was recently on CNN with Don Lemon for his take on the immigration debate.

Rodriguez is a Mexican born legal immigrant who has since become an American citizen. Seemingly brought on the show by Lemon to reinforce the need for an amnesty of illegal immigrants, his comments seemingly took Lemon by surprise.

Everything Rodriguez says here is 100% right on the money!

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“You know my heart goes out to the parents that have to traumatize their kids to go through Mexico – they must go through terrible abuse. But at the same time, if we accept these children and we don’t repatriate them, it’s only gonna send out a clear signal to everyone in Latin America that if you get to America, you will stay here. And then if you think those numbers are big now…”

It cannot be “heartless” to speak the truth. We may hurt for the children (and adults) who come here illegally. We can understand that life in their home countries is hard. We can understand that what they’ve done, they’ve done through difficulty. That doesn’t mean we can allow it to stand.

Rodriguez is right – if we take in the numbers of illegal immigrant children who are here now, we need to prepare ourselves to accept many millions more soon. We just can’t do it.

We can’t.

(Hat Tip IJ Review)

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