Meteorologist Admits that Capitalism Must Be Destroyed to Stop Global Warming

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus recently to to to exclaim that capitalism has to be destroyed to stop global warming.

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus recently took to Twitter to exclaim that capitalism has to be destroyed to fix global warming.

Holthaus is a meteorologist who works for Slate and is a former columnist for the Wall Street Journal. And as Stephen Green reported, Holthaus took to Twitter to call for the death of capitalism to save the earth.

The activist tweeted the following on Monday: “If you are wondering what you can do about climate change: The world’s top scientists just gave rigorous backing to systematically dismantle capitalism as a key requirement to maintaining civilization and a habitable planet. I mean, if you are looking for something to do.”

As Green noted on Tuesday, it is “funny” how these leftists always come down to destroying capitalism to fix whatever it is they claim is broken.

But, Green is 100 percent right:

Never have any doubt what their end-game is, fully revealed again today: The sacrifice of human liberty, wherever it can be found, on the altar of “scientific statism.”

But let’s hold them to their own ecological standards, shall we? With that in mind, I’d like to compare this country’s ecological record to that of any state-directed economy.

The Soviet Union poisoned Lake Baikal, home to something like one-sixth of the Earth’s potable water. They did far worse to the Aral Sea, which is virtually gone now. And those are just two of many, many examples of Soviet “ecological crimes,” since that’s what the self-proclaimed nature-worshippers call them. In fact, the Soviet Union produced something unique in Western Civilization: Shrinking adult lifespans. And that was due almost entirely to two factors: Alcoholic despair and ecological ruin. Conditions are no better under Putin’s centralized kleptocracy.

The air in Chinese cities can be virtually unbreathable, thanks to the Communists’ reliance on cheap brown coal. If China is to ever clean up its spoiled air and rivers, it will be because their partial embrace of capitalism has produced enough wealth for them to do so. But given China’s current political trajectory under Xi Jinping, I wouldn’t bet my lungs on it.

Communist East Germany damn near destroyed their own forests with acid rain for the reliance on brown coal. It’s been joked that Communism was so bad, it made Germans build bad cars — but Germany’s love of its forests is no less profound, and the DDR’s near-destruction of them no less cruelly ironic.

India’s economy isn’t just a state-directed web of corruption, but they’ve soiled their mighty rivers with filth. The plastic waste bobbing around our oceans comes almost 100% from a few mostly state-directed economies in East Asia.

Islam’s state-religion-economic fusion turned Biblical paradise into a desert wasteland, and deforested much of Spain in the few centuries Muslims ruled there.

So, once again we see that liberals will warp everything to support their religion of leftism.

Capitalism is now and has always been their chief enemy. So-called global warming is just their excuse to destroy capitalism. Global warming is not what they are worried about. Their religion states that capitalism is the great Satan. Any means to destroy their Satan is justified.

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