Merkel Thinks She Can Badger Trump Away from “America First”

At the G20 meeting next week the German leader seems to promise to badger Trump into changing his core policies.

Apparently, Angela Merkel thinks she has superpowers to badger Trump to reverse himself on his core principles. The G20 “summit” is scheduled for next week and Merkel is, according to the AFP, going to take action. She will “take aim” at him and is “headed for a collision course with him.” Merkel will “make a stand.” Sounds real tough!

But all she is talking about is using her mouth. Donald Trump can do that too. Does she really think that will be enough to badger Trump into reversing himself?

Here’s the beginning of the AFP story: “Merkel takes aim at Trump ahead of stormy G20.

Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared headed for a collision course with US President Donald Trump on Thursday after vowing to make a stand next week for climate protection and open markets at what is expected to be the most fractious G20 summit in years.

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Merkel said discussions at the July 7-8 gathering of world leaders in Hamburg would be difficult given Trump’s climate scepticism and “America First” stance, but that she was determined to seek a clear commitment to the Paris accord against global warming and a pledge against protectionism.

When Trump announced in early June he would withdraw from the Paris deal, “we knew that we could not expect discussions to be easy” at the G20 summit, Merkel told the German parliament.

“The differences are obvious and it would be dishonest to try to cover that up. That I won’t do,” she said, adding that the US exit from the 2015 Paris pact had made Europe “more determined than ever” to make the accord a success.

Without naming names, she also warned that “those who think that the problems of this world can be solved with isolationism or protectionism are terribly wrong” and pledged to seek a “clear signal for open markets and against sealing off” at the summit.

The story makes the thoughtful reader wonder why we even have the G20 summit. Obviously, if the G20 nations are sovereign states the G20 assembly has no real authority over their individual policies. And these nations presumably all have email. They can communicate without wasting all that jet fuel.

It seems like the real purpose of G20 is group mind control. If you are acting out of line with what the majority of nations want, they can snub you and stigmatize you by how they treat you in person.

Personally, I’d be thrilled if Donald Trump didn’t bother to show up.

Read the entire AFP story.

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