Melania Trump Visits Arizona Border Patrol Center

Obviously, if someone really opposes the enforcement of immigration law, it won’t matter to him how many time Melania Trump visits a border patrol center.

When Melania Trump visits another border enforcement facility she shows she is willing to do PR work for the administration.

Obviously, if someone really opposes the enforcement of immigration law, it won’t matter to him how many times Melania Trump visits a border patrol center. But at least it indicates that the media’s insistence that there is some disagreement or hostility between Melania and her husband is baseless. Melania is doing work to show her husband in a good light. And she’s doing it on her own, when Donald Trump is not present.

Naturally, the mainstream media is skeptical:

Melania Trump may not be on a fact-finding tour, but her presence there means that she’s seeing things for herself. If she saw something she thought was wrong, she would let the President of the United States know about it.

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The Washington Times reports, “Melania Trump shocked by smugglers’ cruelty during border visit.

First lady Melania Trump, visiting Arizona Thursday to get another firsthand look at the immigration situation, was told that the government is doing all it can for the children and families streaming across the border, including rescuing them from danger and providing top-notch care.

One government official recounted an illegal immigrant woman who was raped during her journey and ended up delivering the baby in government care, while another Border Patrol official showed Mrs. Trump a photo of a 6-year-old Costa Rican boy agents rescued from the desert last week after his uncle abandoned him with a bottle of Coke and a note on how to contact his mother.


“It’s incredible. As young as six years old, somebody would leave him,” she said.

The Washington Times reported last week that the boy’s mother is an illegal immigrant living in the U.S., and the boy’s uncle dropped him off for agents to find, knowing the government would reunite him with his mother.

Mrs. Trump was in Tucson to get an unfiltered look at how children and families are being treated in Homeland Security facilities after they are caught either jumping the border or trying to enter through a port of entry without permission.

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