Megyn Kelly Sabotaged Herself, not Trump

Donald Trump didn’t defeat her or get defeated by her; Megyn Kelly sabotaged her career with her own actions.

There was a time during the presidential race when some hopeful NeverTrumpers thought Megyn Kelly sabotaged Trump’s campaign severely enough to stop him. They were wrong. Since then, Megyn Kelly has left Fox News and seems to have left her career success along with it. In a sense, at this point in time, it looks like the President has “won” a contest between them.

So now Megyn Kelly’s “loss” has to be portrayed as the fault of the President in a way that will make him look bad. At least that seems to be the plan of Lilli Loofbourow in The Week: “Did Donald Trump defeat Megyn Kelly?

Megyn Kelly’s first Today monologue on NBC made for uncomfortable viewing.

She’s not nearly as poised a host as she was an anchor and interviewer. She’s not in sync with the audience. She looks nervous. She is not relatable or winsome, both of which she suddenly — inexplicably — wants to be. It’s as if the old Kelly — sarcastic, cutting, sharp — got replaced by a President Trump-approved version that grins hard and just wants you to like her. She won’t talk politics! She promises! If this startling about-face tells us anything, it’s that Trump, Kelly’s tormentor, has won.

Donald Trump wants women to be that way? Is that Ivanka or Melania?

Megyn Kelly stepped into a venue for which she had no experience performing and her performance has suffered. Claiming that this failure reflects Trump’s view of an ideal woman is just a mindless insult.

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