Meet the Newly Founded American Eagle Party

(Editors Note: The American Eagle Party has no affiliation/connection with Eagle Rising. They are just a group of fellow patriots who happen to have reached the end of their figurative rope. We do not endorse or commend them to you, we are merely introducing them to you.)


The American political establishment no longer serves We The People.  Both the Democrats and Republicans consistently act on behalf of special moneyed interests, in defiance of the best interests and will of the American people.  Increasing numbers are awakening to this unfortunate reality and are looking elsewhere for leadership.  With truth and transparency, the American Eagle Party will provide it – leading the United States back to its tradition of being a respected Constitutional Republic.

Founded by a core team of patriotic Americans, and led by former Army commander, engineer, and filmmaker Merlin Miller, the American Eagle Party is concentrating on grassroots organizing in all 50 states.

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The American Eagle Party has a bold plan of action, focusing on the most important issues with a basic platform that emphasizes: 1. Ending Washington’s wars and occupations around the world; 2. Stopping the immigration invasion of the United States; 3. Reclaiming Americans’ Constitutional rights and liberties; 4. Restoring America’s economy and middle-class; and 5. Enabling honest media alternatives.

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The American Eagle Party has prepared a website ( and is developing a cutting edge multi-media web channel, Eagles News Network (ENN), for launch later this year.  A radio show is in development, as well as the upcoming publication of Merlin Miller’s book, “Eagles Are Gathering.”  The Nationalist Times newspaper and other alternative publications are also partnering with the American Eagle Party to share timely, important information and promote corrective actions.

The Ron Paul Revolution and the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements have conclusively shown that there are tens of millions of Americans who are greatly dissatisfied with the two party system, which denies any real competition or fair representation.  The American Eagle Party will give disenfranchised Americans the political vehicle they want and need, so that America can once again become a free and prosperous Republic.

Grassroots organizing for the American Eagle Party has already begun in Tennessee and Pennsylvania, with more fledgling state organizations soon to join.  The Party’s first National Committee meeting will be held this September in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Only as a people united, with loyalty to future generations, can we save America and leave a legacy respecting truth, justice, liberty and peace.  Contact the American Eagle Party at to help take back America.

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