Media Wants Us to Fear a Government Shutdown

It looks like a government shutdown may happen soon; sadly, it will only be partial and temporary.

A government shutdown is likely, the media tells us. Does anyone really care? The last time we had a government shutdown everyone knew that the government did not actually shut down. They did send home “non-essential federal employees.” Which raises the question—Why do they hire employees they don’t need? Then, after the so-called “shutdown” ended, they were given back pay. So they were paid for not doing their nonessential jobs.

Politico reports, “Congress hurtles toward shutdown.

Congress is careening toward the first shutdown in more than four years, with Republicans and Democrats at a seemingly intractable impasse over government funding and the fates of young immigrants facing deportation.

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Though House Republicans voted Thursday night to keep the government open, the real drama is in the closely divided Senate, where it’s unclear what, if anything, can clear the chamber’s supermajority threshold.

After weeks of internal squabbling, House Republicans secured votes for a spending plan to keep the government open for another four weeks. The vote was 230-197, with 11 Republicans in opposition and six Democrats crossing the aisle to back it.

The Senate voted to open debate on the bill late Thursday, but the plan’s prospects in the Senate are dicey at best, with no apparent hope of winning the required 60 votes to break a filibuster. Some GOP lawmakers said they intend to vote against it, arguing that repeated short-term funding measures harm the military. And a sizable bloc of Democrats have also come out in opposition because it does not address the fate of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants at threat of being deported.

The end game appears to be either a much shorter extension of government funding and rapid negotiations — or a shutdown and finger-pointing.

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