Media Spins Their Confusion as Alternative Media Fake News

Look at the video for yourself and see if it is alternative media fake news or a righteous bust.

According to PolitiFact, they rate the claim that David Hogg was at home when the shooting occured as “pants on fire.” They are treating the story as alternative media fake news.


CBS news put out a video in which David Hogg said,

On the day of the shooting, I got my camera and got on my bike and rode as fast as I could three miles from my house to the school to get as much video and to get as many interviews as I could because I knew that this could not be another mass shooting.

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So Hogg doe NOT say he went BACK to the school and he indicates he didn’t even know yet that seventeen students would have been killed. It would have had to be really early in the aftermath of the shooting for Hogg to not be informed that it was indeed a mass shooting.

So Hogg not only made a statement that contradicted his earlier story but this statement was published by a mainstream media source as if it wasn’t problematic.

That’s why I wrote about the contradiction.

Now the story is that Hogg was at the school but rode there later in the day. As Sarah Rumpf wrote at Red State:

This Vox article indicates that Hogg went back to the campus area at 6 pm and did not actually enter campus, but had his camera and interviewed people across the street from campus. Here’s his quote:

“At 6 pm after the shooting, I took my camera, got on my bike. I rode in basically twilight. And I ride my bike three miles down winding sidewalks and find my way to the school, as I’ve done in previous years. All the while, I was making sure my camera bag didn’t rip open, because if you zip it a certain way, the camera falls out, and it would be destroyed.”After reviewing all of this, it appears that the problem was that CBS included a very confusing quote without context. Hogg was on campus during the shooting and returned several hours later to interview people across the street.

If this is true it was confusing (or misleading) because no one would take Hogg’s statement that he biked to school as fast as he could as indicating he had already been there. Indeed, it’s not clear why he mentioned the speed of his pedaling.

But the mainstream media is responsible for putting out misinformation. What do they want—viewers who don’t bother to remember what a person said before so they won’t notice discrepancies?

Read the entire Red State post.

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