Media Pushes Trans Wedding Fantasy!–or Rather, Delusion

This is the insanity that progressives plan to force on all society.

This trans wedding fantasy is compared to a Disney movie, and you would have to believe in magic to accept that.

The media wants us to believe that a trans wedding fantasy is between two people who are “just like any other bride and groom.” But the story is accompanied by pictures that show a VERY slender “man” and a “bride” who obviously outweighs him—taller and broader in shoulders.

The “man” wants to have chidren and the “woman” is open to it. We aren’t told if they’ve been so altered that they have to use adoption, or if they have enough of their original anatomy and organs for the “wife” to get the “husband” pregnant.

This is the insanity that progressives plan to force on all society.

The Mirror reports, “TRANS COUPLE WED Transgender Army officer Hannah Winterbourne weds actor Jake Graf – who used to be a woman.

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The delighted bride said on Monday night: “I never thought when I was younger this could happen to me. It was always a pipe dream.”

The couple tied the knot with a romantic white wedding — saying: “We’re just like any other bride and groom.”

Captain Hannah wed Jake in a ceremony that she described as “like a Disney movie”.

Hannah who will now be living with Jake in Army married quarters near her barracks, added: “To me, I’m just another girl married to another guy. As you transition and meet someone new you kind of forget about your past.”

Actor Jake, 40, said: “We’re just the same as everyone else, with our flaws and ups and downs — but a little bit different.”

Hannah and Jake revealed they first got together because of a Sun front-page story in January 2015 telling of her courageous decision to become a woman while still on Army active service.

Jake said: “I saw Hannah in The Sun and thought she was beautiful. She was on the front cover so it was hard to miss her!”

He told a mutual friend named Rebecca that he thought Hannah looked cute.

Jake said: “A week later I saw Rebecca again and she said, ‘I spoke to Captain Winterbourne and she thinks you’re quite cute too!’ So it really was school playground stuff.”

The pair made contact on Facebook and swapped messages and finally phone numbers.

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