Media Pushes Lesbian Fake Science

A recent study of children in female same-sex households is lesbian fake science from committed LGBTQ activists.

No one should be surprised that a study purporting to show that children of a woman in a household with a female sexual partner are just as well off as those raised by both parents is fake science pushed by fake news. What is amazing is how easy it is to find the flaws in the study and the committed activists who carried out what is supposed to be an impartial investigation to determine the truth.

The Federalist reports, “New Study Finding Lesbians Are ‘Just As Good’ As Married Biological Parents Is Fake News.”

This study is not a dispassionate, purely academic investigation, but an orchestrated persuasion tool conducted and funded by gay-rights activists. The front page of the study’s website even features a photograph of a cute infant lounging in a crib, sporting a onesie that proclaims, “I was hatched by a couple of chicks.”

The NLLFS primary investigators are not scholars in the general, larger field of child development and family formation. Their professional research has been solely in the field of lesbian research. Throughout the project’s many published articles, they offer their readers no survey of the vast literature on how various family forms, such as fatherlessness, affect child development and well-being. They nearly exclusively consult published studies that examine gay or lesbian issues. Such a limited view is profoundly limited and problematic.

The NLLFS is also funded primarily by well-known and powerful pro-gay organizations such as The Gill Foundation, the world’s largest and most influential funder of LGBT political and social causes; the Lesbian Health Fund of the Gay Lesbian Medical Association; and the Williams Institute, where its main investigator, Nanette Gartrell, is a visiting scholar. Gartrell has a long and award-winning history in lesbian-research activism. In 2001, she published “Everyday Mutinies: Funding Lesbian Activism,” a handbook showing how to grow and finance lesbian causes.

Gartrell is also a self-proclaimed polyamorist, coming out decades ago in an article published in the Journal of Lesbian Studies provocatively entitled, “If This Is Tuesday, It Must Be Dee… Confessions of a Closet Polyamorist.”  Dee is her partner of 40 years. She admits, “[A]s surprising as it may seem, I do not consider honesty, integrity, and commitment the guiding principle of my intimate life.” Rather, her commitment is to “making each block of time I spend with each lover as glorious as it can be.”

There is a great deal more to the post, demonstrating that the perverts who ran the study perverted the “scientific research” they claim vindicates their lives.

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