Media on Rand Paul Attack: Nothing Much to Report

The Rand Paul attack is mysterious to the media, but they are dismissive of a political cause.

The weirdest part of this story on the Rand Paul attack is that they say supporters argue that a dispute over lawncare would not warrant assault, like it’s a political opinion. Who argues that an attack would be justified on that basis?

One thing that does get nailed down is that Rene Boucher has had other disputes.

The Washington Post reports, “Intrigue grows over what sparked the attack on Rand Paul.

But Boucher has had disputes over his property before.

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Rivergreen residents said Boucher’s family had previously had a disagreement with another neighbor over the fate of a tree near the border of their properties. The Bouchers wanted to keep the tree, but the neighbor wanted it removed to clear the way for a house project.

And in 2012, Boucher sued the prospective buyers of his home after they pulled out of a contract, according to court records.

Boucher sued the couple for breach of contract and slander, saying they had spread false stories that Boucher was “untruthful and is engaging in unscrupulous acts” to sell his home. Boucher was worried the comments would affect his reputation as a doctor.

The couple denied the allegations and the suit was eventually settled. None of the parties involved responded to requests for comment.


Three years later, his wife of 22 years filed for divorce, saying the couple’s marriage was “irretrievably broken,” according to court records. The pair had two adult children and divorce records indicate Boucher was left alone in the family’s large home, which he was attempting to sell then as well. Boucher’s family members did not respond to requests for comment.

Despite the issues, there was little to presage the violent attack on Paul.

Boucher has no criminal record and call records from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and Kentucky State Police do not indicate authorities were previously called to deal with disputes between the senator and his neighbor.

So, until now, these disputes never got violent. Isn’t it possible that the additional hostility came from Boucher’s political liberalism? Trump Derangement Syndrome may be the explanation.

Read the rest of the Washington Post story.

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