Media Mind Games Should End

Our media is nothing more that a propaganda arm for the democrats!  Starting with the 2016 election cycle, he who started out as a huge joke eventually turned that grinning laughter into moaning frowns.  Theorized as an impossibility, Trump first achieved the Republican nomination and then followed that up with turning Clinton into a floor mop!

Ever since that startling night of November 8th, the media has never been the same.  By that I mean all pretense of being a slightly left of center journal was left in the dust.  From then on, it was all the cards on the table as a petal to the metal mentality took over.

Remember how daily accounts attempted to lure those chosen State Electorates?  The media seemed to coax those selected few to “follow their conscience” and “do what was right” by selecting Clinton over the oaf.

This was followed by the coverage of Trump’s inauguration, followed with in depth reporting of the women’s march; of which reverted into a quasi form of proud vulgarity!  And our press never missed a single insult!

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After becoming President, the media began to relate upon the endless reasons which hopefully would lead to impeachment.  These were based upon the same “pies in the sky” as is this ongoing Mueller travesty.  Not just a “who dun it,” but more on the lines of “just what is it we are looking for?”

Such a “special” excursion has now uncovered private business dealings long before our President even declared his candidacy.  Supposedly, our media rationalized that this was of national importance.  And still it reports!

Just recently, with the exact timing of the “cavalry to the rescue,” accusations have captured media headlines (not a difficult trick considering) against what was assumed to be an assured Republican Senate seat.  After weeks of reporting of the unsubstantiated, media talking heads now assume that  the 2018 mid term elections will now be a wasteland for the Republicans.  In addition, endless reporting boasts of a democrat lead in Alabama.

When remembering that infamous “horse” with its “cart” saying, isn’t their malarkey reminiscent of a certain “slam dunk” 2016 Presidential win?  Even with the highly touted results from various polling agencies, coupled with the “take it to the bank” expert TV assertions of a Clinton win, reality finally emerged; changing their grinning laughter into moaning frowns. It didn’t work then so why this confidence with a rerun?

One would expect an air of frustration to settle in when recalling their antsy expectations with each special election to fill the Congressional seat from Trump’s cabinet selections. Really, was it four or five elections which were democrat wins?  All resulted in losses yet each were supposed to be a turn around, a denunciation of Trump’s election.  And now, it’s onto the 2018 mid terms, of which is already a given that a power shift awaits.

The point being, Americans aren’t this stupid!  How often can this routine be hammered home?  What’s said about doing the same thing over again yet expecting different results?  Today, our media has proven by their own messaging, to be nothing more than a cheap huckster for a self serving democrat party, of which it has chosen to drift further left than even its media cohorts wouldn’t care to admit.

Common sense points to the reality that the mid terms remain in the hands of the pesky American voter; you know, the ones who somehow voted for that outsider?  Imagine how all those high browed media pontifications and predictions fell on deaf ears.  I wonder, which raises one last question.  Who anoints or from what action becomes deserving of this “expert” mantle?  And what does this so-called title amount to “when the dust settles?

In recent years, just maybe this classification has become diluted, if only from its expanding numbers?  Before claims of such excellence are so cavalierly tossed about, it might be worth it to dismount from that high perch long enough to tally up your win and loss columns.  It’s pretty obvious that this self bloviating certainly didn’t hamper the media’s transformation onto it’s present day propaganda platform.

Still, better be braced since those pesky American voters in December and next year may confound expectations by adding to your “loss” column.

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