Media Matters: Drudge Provides Russian Propaganda

The Soros-funded organization thinks linking Russian news constitutes becoming a conduit for Russian propaganda.

Media Matters reported yesterday, “How Matt Drudge became the pipeline for Russian propaganda.” But what the article is really about is “How Matt Drudge chooses stories that interest him.Media Matters is little better than Soros propaganda. CNN is the Clinton News Network. The rest of the mainstream media is pretty much controlled by the Deep State. Of course, Drudge links to those sources all the time. He also sometimes uses Russian news websites. So what?

Drudge has for years used his site as a web traffic pipeline for Russian propaganda sites, directing his massive audience to nearly 400 stories from and fellow Russian-government-run English-language news sites and since the beginning of 2012, according to a Media Matters review. Those numbers spiked in 2016, when Drudge collectively linked to the three sites 122 times.

Drudge’s increasing affinity for and proliferation of Russian propaganda comes amid what The New York Times calls “a new information war Russia is waging against the West.”

When you consider all the links that Drudge posts every day, 400 links over almost five years’ time isn’t that many. He’s linked CNN as many times as he’s linked any Russian source.

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