Media Does PR for George Soros as If It Was Objective News

Nationalists all over Europe are gaining power despite the work of George Soros. Why? Because people vote them into power.

George Soros is giving up on Hungary and the media claims that is objectively bad news.

Nationalists all over Europe are gaining power despite the work of George Soros. Why? Because people vote them into power. Yet none of this is considered newsworthy except as a story about how The Bad Guys are winning (only for a moment, the media assumes) and the Good Guys (like George Soros) are being opposed by them.

AFP reports, “George Soros: billionaire and bete noire of nationalists.

After listing Soros’ efforts to change the politics and laws in other countries, the story goes on:

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This kind of “interference” has earned him powerful enemies.

The Kremlin has accused Soros of fomenting violent uprisings and banned the OSF in 2015 as part of a massive NGO clampdown.

Europe’s migration crisis […] has also deepened the rift between the pro-refugee rights OSF and anti-immigration nationalists.

Macedonia last year saw the emergence of a “Stop Operation Soros” movement and calls for the country’s “de-Sorosisation”.

The head of Poland’s governing right-wing party Jaroslaw Kaczynski said Soros wanted to create “societies without an identity,” while Romania’s ruling party leader alleged the tycoon had “financed evil” by sponsoring mass protests.

Soros “interferes in elections and referendums all over the world,” said leading Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage in February.

Italian anti-immigration leader – and possible member of the next government – Matteo Salvini has flayed the billionaire as “dangerous” for allegedly wanting to turn Italy into a “half-breed” country.

Meanwhile, leaders of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party – now in government – have also begun to echo Orban’s criticisms of Soros, while a right-wing magazine in France caused outrage with a recent front cover accusing Soros of “scheming against France”.

And […] Breitbart — whose co-founding member Steve Bannon is a former aide to US President Donald Trump — runs almost daily anti-Soros stories.

So the same people who compare Russia purchasing Facebook ads to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor think there is nothing to investigate or question about Soros trying to change the laws and policies of several nations.

Breitbart is a partisan, advocacy, news site. They don’t lie about it. But Yahoo News and AFP shamelessly lie. They identify as journalists the way transgenders identify as the opposite sex. It’s all an arrogant pretense.

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