Media Demoralized As Trump Leads

 Since announcing his Presidential run, nothing has quite ever been the same. This conclusion is universal when considering all that would never have surfaced from a different election outcome.

Trump’s mastery over the media shows little signs of lessening.  In 2015, they rushed with delight at covering what they regarded as a photo op for Trump’s latest gimmick.  And in all honesty, it may well have been presented for inspiring such an impression.

Today, as our President continues to lead while Mueller continues to wallow in his trivia pursuits, our President has resoundingly assured his supporters of one earthshaking fact; that he keeps his word.  That message has also been digested by both friend and foe overseas and begrudgingly, here at home with certain past White House occupants.

Yesterday’s announcement that our American embassy will be relocated to Jerusalem further defined the man and his undaunted agenda.  He will not be intimidated, media bullied or threatened.  He stands on his word and loves his Country.

Trump’s detractors should be cowering.  He is above being bought, which became an irresistible appeal during his campaign.  He also was devoid of any political baggage.  His success in private life built a self assurance which is as unmistakable as it is appreciated, since it bestows upon our Country and her citizens that missing quality of true leadership.

Trump is not afraid to challenge the status quo, to walk down the less traveled path.  His recent embassy announcement comes as a flare in a darkened sky.  For too long and with too many past leaders, promises were taken as cheap and forgettable.  Not so today, as Trump explained; America will stop doing the same thing over and over in hopes of a different outcome.

At home, he is also trail blazing.  Tuesday’s report of his large acreage reduction of two Monuments in Utah feeds more grist to the media’s mill yet his actions are merely corrective and long overdue.

A Wall St. Journal op/ed, reported that, “Congress passed the Antiquities Act in 1906 to give Presidents emergency authority to prevent the looting and destruction of national treasures.  The law said designated monuments should be limited to ‘the smallest area compatible with proper care and management of the objects.’”  The Journal continued with it’s view that “…Bill Clinton and Barack Obama misapplied this power to carry out a Washington land grab.”

So while much or the commentary carries the environmentalist’s outrage, Trump’s Interior Secretary and former Navy SEAL commander Ryan Zinke summed up Trump’s pending speech as “…right to take action ‘when a monument is used to prevent rather than protect.’”

Our President is often mentioned as a breathe of fresh air in that he does not fawn over or employ the usual political gamesmanship of career politicians.  This understates since his performance is more of a gale wind rather than just a whisper or a mere gust.  And it’s all predicated upon truth, common sense and America being the best.

If taken in his total package, his bluntness may jar but so does truth.  His direct and forthright mannerisms dovetail with his common sense withdrawal from that pricy and non-effective Paris Climate Accord and the highly restrictive TPP agreement.  From a global perspective, his policies are both outside the norm and counter productive, yet, his positions remain true to his “American First” pledge.

What now engulfs all media outlets is this sense of loss, this ineptness for halting and turning around what is beginning to take hold.  The media senses  a worsening awaits: success breeds success.  His “make America great” is based upon his love and loyalty to his country.  This affection recently became shelved for the promised glamour and glitter of a world community.  Trump abruptly dismantled this changing of priorities from domestic to global; which was all but guaranteed under an assumed Clinton presidency.

His embassy announcement cements his trustworthiness worldwide.  And here at home, many Americans are awakening to the fact that for once, we have a President who remains true to his campaign promises.  This shatters many political structures as it distances the cheap rhetoric from one’s actual performance.  Equally important, it enriches Trump’s credibility and adds support for his second term in our White House.

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