Media Completely IGNORES All the Anti-Trump Violence Sweeping the Country

When people talk about rigging an election, there are many ways to do that. Probably the easiest and safest way to do it legally is for the media to selectively report. If they focus all the negative coverage on Donald Trump, and focus all the positive or neutral coverage on Hillary Clinton, over time, people will come to accept that Hillary Clinton deserves everyone’s vote.

Just look at all the cases where Donald Trump supporters have been assaulted, battered, or had their property damaged or stolen, for the mere fact that they’re voting for Donald Trump. (See below for a list.) The media wouldn’t touch those stories with a ten-foot pole. They go against the media’s narrative of Trump supporters being hateful and violent.

And the other narrative that the media talk about is the armed, violent “revolution” that Trump and his supporters are going to wage if Hillary wins the election. But if they cover these myriad cases of anti-Trump violence, it contradicts their narrative. The media is afraid to ask the question, “What will Hillary’s supporters do if Trump wins?” It’s not one-sided.

I’ll concede to the media that there are some crazy – perhaps even violent – people voting for Trump, if the media will concede the same thing about Hillary and her supporters. If Hillary wins, there might be some incidents committed by some of Trump’s supporters. But if Trump wins, it would be stupid to think there wouldn’t be many incidents committed by Hillary’s supporters. I think there would actually be more violent incidents committed by angry, sore losers on Hillary’s side, because they’d know that the media wouldn’t pay any attention to them.

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You wouldn’t know it by watching the national news media, but there are many Trump supporters across the country who are getting assaulted or are having their property damaged or stolen for the mere fact that they’re voting for Donald Trump. Here’s LifeZette:

On Oct. 15 in Bangor, Maine, vandals spray-painted about 20 parked cars outside a Trump rally. Trump supporter Paul Foster, whose van was hit with white paint, told reporters, “Why can’t they do a peaceful protest instead of painting cars, all of this, to make their statement?”

Around Oct. 3, a couple of Trump supporters were assaulted in Zeitgeist, a San Francisco bar, after they were allegedly refused service for expressing support for Trump, GotNews reports. “The two Trump supporters were attacked, punched, and chased into the street by ‘some thugs’ that a barmaid called out from the back.” Lilian Kim of ABC 7 Bay Area tweeted a photo of the men, in which one was wearing a Trump T-shirt and the other was wearing a “Blue Lives Matter” shirt.

On Sept. 28 in El Cajon, California, an angry mob at a Black Lives Matter protest beat 21-year-old Trump supporter Feras Jabro for wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. The assault was broadcast live using the smartphone app Periscope.

On Sept. 26 at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, as the first presidential debate was about to get underway, a woman wearing Trump campaign apparel was assaulted while heading to a debate watch event. “Nobody, regardless of race, gender, or political party, should feel unsafe because of the way they look or what they wear when they walk on campus,” the Minnesota Federation of College Republicans said in a press release.

On Aug. 19 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Trump supporters had to run a gauntlet of angry protesters to get into a Trump fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center. When they left after the event they were hit, pushed, and spit on.

On Aug. 13 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 68-year-old cancer survivor Vester Bullock was beaten at a garage sale because he wore a Trump pin on his hat. The assailant “slammed his arms, walked up to me and said, ‘My wife told me I shouldn’t trust a G**-d*** Republican,'” he said. The man complained the staple gun Bullock sold him didn’t work. “I told him ‘I’ll give you your money back,'” said Bullock. “But he kept calling me all kinds of names.” The man punched Bullock in the jaw so hard he lost a tooth…

For more, go to LifeZette and read their compilation. There’s lots more.

The media’s given disproportionate coverage to Donald Trump’s dirty talk, compared to how much time they’ve spent combing through the leaked emails from Hillary’s campaign and the DNC. Or the way she hushed her husband’s sexual assault accusers and referred to them collectively as “bimbo eruptions.”

They’ve downplayed Benghazi. And how she deleted thousands of her emails (destroyed evidence) when it was revealed that she was going to be under FBI investigation. Or her duplicitous dealings with foreign dignitaries and how she used the Clinton Foundation as a conduit to grant important people access to her as the Secretary of State.

And no one cares about whatever “good” the Clinton Foundation did for underprivileged children. It’s clear that the “charity” is all for show. It gives them something to point to whenever someone brings up corruption allegations. And that’s exactly what Hillary does. Then, she doesn’t have to answer any annoying pay-to-play questions.

The media focuses instead on the alleged conspiracy on the part of the Russians to rig the election against Hillary Clinton, even though there’s no evidence for that. Of course, that’s why they call them “conspiracy theories.” It’s okay when it’s the media that’s pushing the conspiracy theory. Then, the conspiracy theory – or, more accurately, hypothesis (at best) – graduates to “fact.”

So far, the media’s narrative has been to paint Trump and his supporters as hateful, violent people. But then Project Veritas confirmed that Democrats pay people – even mentally ill people – to go to Trump rallies, position them in locations most likely to garner the most media coverage, and start fights. They’re paid provocateurs.

And the media will ignore that too. They’ll just pull another “conspiracy theory” claim. “The video’s doctored!” 

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