Media Attempts to Smear Trump with Harvey Weinstein Scandal [VIDEO!]

The Harvey Weinstein scandal exposed the media, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party, so they want to change the subject.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the media desperately needs people to believe that “everybody’s doing it.” I think there is a point to be made that corruption can be found in high places and to some extent it doesn’t matter what the person’s professed values are. But the media is trying to smear Donald Trump specifically.

Thus, an editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer under the headline, “Predatory creep Harvey Weinstein – and why they want to crush a free press,” dishes out this argument:

Weinstein’s repulsive behavior makes him a poster child for toxic male supremacy and a culture of entitlement and abuse that has long permeated America’s top institutions. One of the more predictable reactions over the last few days has been the efforts by almost everyone to put a partisan political spin on this. Republicans – delighted, no doubt, to change the conversation on the one-year anniversary of the leak of President Trump’s appalling Access Hollywood tape – twisted the Weinstein scandal as a broader indictment of modern liberalism, while Democrats relentlessly tried to bring the focus back to President When-You’re-A-Star-They-Let-You-Do-It.

“When you’re a star, they let you do it.” That was the piggish, sexist, dehumanizing attitude of Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby and Ted Kennedy and Rep. Tim Murphy and etc., etc., etc. Where’s the common ideology? There is none, aside from corrosive sexual politics. Maybe that’s why powerful men tend to defend themselves in a way that transcends all their other beliefs.

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Right, but the evidence against some was nowhere nearly as great as against Weinstein. And the media was eager to expose Bill Cosby while eager to cover for Ted Kennedy. But the comparison to Trump is the most egregious. Trump was quite Liberal when that audio recording was made and, despite his boastfulness, the New York Times was not able to find anything on him to expose. And they tried hard.

Donald Trump is no angel, but Harvey Weinstein shows a uniquely high level of corruption and hypocrisy in those who claim he does not deserve to be President—Hollywood and the mainstream media.

Read the full editorial.

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