Media Admits CNN’s Pugilism is Hurting Them

CNN’s constant pugilism is not only recognized by conservatives, but by everyone. It ranks third now among cable news networks.

While Liberals pretend Fox is just Republican propaganda, CNN’s anti-Trump bias and inflammatory fights are truly anti-intellectual and it is costing them viewership.

CNN’s constant pugilism is not only recognized by conservatives, but by everyone.

It ranks third now among cable news networks.

Their style isn’t as bad as Jerry Springer used to be, but it reminds me of that kind of show. Smug liberals shutting down Trump supporters doesn’t make the liberals look superior; it makes them look arrogant.

Even liberals get embarrassed by the spectacle.

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The Hollywood Reporter reports, “Stuck in Third Place, Should CNN Abandon Its “Food Fight” Formula?

During a debate held by anchor Don Lemon on Feb. 6, CNN contributor and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli told his colleague, Republican strategist Ana Navarro, that he was “sick and tired of listening to your shrill voice in my ears.” Lemon, looking defeated, pleaded four times to his arguing panelists, “One at a time, please.” The exchange wasn’t the only time that Cuccinelli, representing a pro-Trump perspective, got into hot water for on-air remarks. On Aug. 14, during a panel about clashes in Charlottesville, Va., he told liberal contributor Symone Sanders to “just shut up for a minute.”

These blow-ups, while uncomfortable to watch for some viewers, are increasingly part of the CNN brand. The network has seen its star rise during the first 15 months of Donald Trump’s presidency, but it has largely adhered to the same formula that brought it big ratings, big profits (to the tune of an estimated $1.1 billion in profit last year) and a healthy dose of criticism during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. That means regularly staging “food fights” (in the words of one veteran television executive) that go viral but don’t necessarily make viewers more informed, people inside and outside the company say.

As CNN has become the most visible media target in the current polarized political climate, frequently on the tongue of a president with 50 million Twitter followers, the network’s ratings are still a work in progress. During primetime, CNN is stuck in third place in both total viewers and the key demo (25 to 54), behind the Trump-friendly Fox News and the administration-critical MSNBC. During the first quarter of the year, only Anderson Cooper’s show ranked in a Nielsen list of the top 25 cable news programs as measured by total viewers; Fox News had 15 shows on the list, and MSNBC had nine. Last year, MSNBC overtook CNN in total viewers for total day, defined as the period between 6 a.m. and 6 a.m., a trend that has continued into the first quarter of 2018.

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