ME School District to White Teachers: ‘Don’t Even Apply’

Want to know what is extremely real? Reverse racism. Only, it’s not really reverse. It’s just plain Jane racism.

Need an example? Here we go: in Portland, Maine school districts, they have put out a message that they do not want any more white teachers. No, really.

Why? Okay, so ninety-seven percent of teachers in the Portland Public Schools are white people. However, about forty percent of the students are minority races. So there are more white teacher than diverse kids.

And that’s a problem for Superintendent Xavier Botana, the Bangor Daily News reports.

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Botana said, “It was an issue that kids talked about frequently. That they really wanted to see more people in their classrooms in leadership roles, etc. that looked like them and shared their experience.”

Now officials in the district are trying to change those demographics. Their logic is that they need to recruit more diverse teachers.

EAG News reports:

Dozens of Portland students and community members are trekking to the university on Fridays to take a tuition-free education class with the hopes of working their way into a teaching position in the district. During four other days a week, they work with classroom teachers to learn the trade.

The class doesn’t result in a teaching certificate, however, and most will require years of college before they can teach in Portland schools. The class is designed to convince them to become teachers and return to the district, so students of color don’t have so many white educators.

The effort to recruit nonwhite teachers is nothing new, with schools in Delaware, Wisconsin, England and many other places focusing on the same issue. It also coincides with hundreds of school districts across the U.S. sending white teachers to “diversity training” sessions that focus on white privilege, and how white educators can reach black students who underperform in public schools, EAGnews reports.

So basically, they don’t want white people to teach their kids because they’re white. Totally not racist.

There are so many other aspects that they could be putting their time and energy into. It’s sad to see that this is what they really feel they are doing to help their community.


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