McDonald’s is About to Destroy the Minimum Wage

The end of the era of Minimum Wage may soon be at hand. McDonald’s has begun experimenting with automated cashiers as a way to eliminate some of the staff that would be necessary to run their restaurants.

If the news (being reported from several sources) is accurate, this could essentially end the debate over the minimum wage, as most minimum wage owners work in the fast food industry. A user on Reddit is reporting that McDonald’s has begun testing the automated cashiers at their store in Romeoville, Illinois.

McDonalds Cashier

“I believe this store is in Romeoville, IL. It’s next door to their Innovation Center. This McDonald’s is actually pretty unique. First of all it’s owned by McDonald’s, it’s not a franchise. Second, this is the store where McDonald’s tests all the new technology. New griddle? It gets tested here first. New ordering monitors, new deep fryer, all tested here first. If it doesn’t work here, they don’t offer it to their franchisees. They test everything in this store for YEARS before it gets mass produced so they’re sure it works well and is cost-effective.

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I used to work for a McDonald’s supplier and we took a tour of their Innovation Center (which is right behind this store) and it included a tour of this store. They were experimenting with all sorts of cool things; they were pumping fragrances in the entrance foyer (the little area between the two entrance doors) to make you more hungry and the ordering monitors were there (this was about two years ago).

So whatever that store looks like now, all new McDonald’s stores will look the same, with the same technology, 4-5 years into the future.”

Of course, this may not be a direct response to the current Democrat push for a nationwide $15 minimum wage, but the timing does seem propitious for McDonald’s. By cutting cashiers out of the equation, they could dramatically cut their staffing needs along with the associated costs. For once, perhaps Democrat idiocy has indeed driven technological innovation?

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